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The Last Turn in the Road
This is a meaningful and memorable love story. An elderly author living a secluded life because of a deteriorating physical condition is asked to teach a course in Creative Writing at the local college. An older troubled student becomes his personal caretaker, and their lives change as they face the last turn in the road.

Unbroken Wings
Here is an unusual and touching love story. Two elders who had fallen in love a long time ago as youngsters at summer camp connect again. This memorable powerful story reveals how love can change the purpose and direction of life at any age. It might even lead to doing what one thought could only be done in a dream.

A Storm Within
This novel is an unusual and intriguing story with powerful emotional insights and vital lessons pertaining to life and death. Deep dark secrets are a raging storm within the soul of an elderly author living in isolation. He sets forth the shocking truth in a book in an attempt to relieve his torment, only to find he just relives the events. Two strangers arrive suddenly and have dark secrets of their own. They have a major impact on that book and on his life. This is the twentieth work of fiction by this master literary crafter. It is an engrossing tale from cover to cover, and will not disappoint readers who expect each story to be different and thought-provoking.

Journey to Tomorrow
This unusual book will give wings to thoughts. An elderly man retires from retirement by opening up a detective agency for seniors. Unforeseen and compelling events impact the content and direction of his life. The lives of others are forever altered by his actions and influence on the journey to tomorrow. The different kinds of love, the power of dreams, contemplation of death, and the keeping of secrets are some aspects of life that emerge as the story unfolds. An absorbing tale and endearing characters usher forth cheers and tears.

This is the author's nineteenth novel, and is as distinctive and enjoyable as his earlier works. Ideas are presented and explored as the lessons of life are absorbed.

Right Sight
Retired in a small town, the last thing an elderly homicide detective wants or needs is to find out that he is the only one in a position to solve a murder in the town. With few leads and many suspects the investigation proves difficult, particularly when the people of the town are less than cooperative and truthful. Unanticipated and shocking developments add to the complexity. He is compelled to consider some unusual and daring actions.

Since the author's earlier murder mystery, Network of Death, and its sequel, Network Secret, have become reader favorites, he has undertaken another murder mystery. He is satisfied that this one will also capture a reader's interest and be a satisfying read.

A Gray Voyager
Do old people have a future? If so, can they have any control over it? In A Gray Voyager an elderly man is compelled to examine his past and present in an attempt to ascertain what his future might be and could be. The introspection is at times painful, and at other times rewarding. As if in a hot air balloon in free fight, he is determined to make the journey wherever it might take him.

Endless Time
Endless Time is a highly unusual tale. It blends intrigue and romance with a hint of science fiction. A remote country inn is opened for a clandestine purpose. As the forces of love, compassion, and nature emerge and interact, surprising events occur. The author's sixteenth novel presents an absorbing story which will lead the reader on an endless journey of the imagination

Forever Old, Forever New
This thoughtful story will prompt lingering memories of its unfolding and lessons learned long after the book has been read.  A young woman starts her first job as a librarian at a large university. In the course of her life she is confronted by unusual events and an assortment of interesting and influential people.  Her outlook and maturity are driven by the way she needs to handle each instance.

Hovering over it all is the search for the meaning of the powerful images raised by the words of the great poet John Greenleaf Whittier “Forever old, forever new.”

Network Secret
Here is the long-awaited sequel to Network of Death. Ever since the publication of the original book readers have urged for a continuation of the shocking story and anxious to know its aftermath. There will be no disappointment as mysteries beckon to be solved and characters attempt to escape their past.

Network Secret is the fourteenth work of fiction by the celebrated and respected author, Daniel Hill Zafren.  Readers delight in all of the absorbing literary travels.  This mystery proves to be absorbing and challenging as readers get swept up in trying to delineate sordid events and anticipate developments.

Vain Regrets
A close friendship develops between two elderly men. One man is a nursing home resident who has sad regrets about an empty life. The other man is an author who inspires him to dream about a different life he could have had. The author then brings the dream to fruition in an absorbing and enchanting new book.

This is the thirteenth work of fiction by the celebrated and respected author, Daniel Hill Zafren. Readers delight in all of the absorbing literary travels. Each novel deals with the important lessons of life in a distinct manner along with interesting characters. This one proves to be highly unusual and thoughtful.

Unfinished Thinking is the twelfth work of fiction by the celebrated and respected author, Daniel Hill Zafren.  Readers delight in all of the absorbing literary travels.  Each novel deals with the important lessons of life in a distinct manner along with interesting characters.

Insight into the workings of an old man's mind makes for an unusual and engrossing story. After spending most of a lifetime developing a form of eccentricity to greet and manage his existence, he finds himself with new thoughts and emotions to guide the remaining journey through life.

Wish Winds is the eleventh work of fiction by the celebrated and respected author, Daniel Hill Zafren. Loyal readers readily absorb his compelling stories that have memorable  lessons involving the real issues of life.  The author is proud that each novel is distinct and engrossing.  All will enjoy and learn from this thoughtful tale.

Page Passage is the tenth work of fiction by the highly respected North Carolina author, Daniel Hill Zafren.   Loyal readers readily absorb his compelling stories with sage life lessons.  The author is proud that each novel is distinct and engrossing.  Without a doubt, this latest novel will be enjoyed by all.

Double Hugs is the ninth work of fiction by the highly respected North Carolina author, Daniel Hill Zafren. Loyal readers thirst for his compelling stories with sage life lessons. This latest novel will not disappoint anyone. It is a riveting tale with interesting characters.

At the request of his daughter, a wise, witty, and romantic elderly man is asked to write the story of his life. That life contains some dark secrets, and he is torn between revealing them at the cost of losing the admiration of the people he loves or taking them with him to the grave. During the undertaking, he brings happiness and direction to some young people. Can this overshadow wrongs of the past? Does such deserve a double hug?

Echo in the Heart, the eight novel by Daniel Hill Zafren, explores a remarkable friendship from the teen years between three female musicians. This touching story reveals the substance and power of that relationship as it embraces them through every facet of their lives. It also affirms the meaning of family and celebrates the rewards of humane endeavors.

Glimpses of Forgotten Dreams, the seventh novel by Daniel Hill Zafren, is the touching story about old people, their feelings, desires, dreams, and expectations. Despite physical and mental shortcomings, impending death inspires a clarity about the people and events that affect them. This tale leads the reader with keen insight close to some very special old folks who experience deep emotions and values. The book will instill an admiration and respect for those who are concerned about and care for the elderly.

Restless Beautyis the sixth novel by Daniel Hill Zafren. This book is the spellbinding story about a lake.  It is not an ordinary lake, and the story is not a typical tale.  A beautiful lake, shrouded in mystery and reputed to have a restless spirit, has for hundreds of years been the attributing factor for death, suffering and financial ruin for all those who disturb it.  Some, however, believe the lake can be instrumental in producing goodness.  Six lonely people, brought together by the lake, find love and happiness.  This book also contains their heartwarming stories, a promising outlook for all who believe in love.

Not Lost— Just Not Found is the fifth novel by this highly-regarded author.  It has been eagerly awaited by the author's fans, and all readers will find it enjoyable and thought-provoking.  An interesting assortment of characters are absorbed in the challenges of developing self-worth and seeking happiness.  A university psychologist attempts to be a guide along charted and uncharted pathways.  Along the way, he discovers he has much to learn himself.

Network of Death is the fourth novel written by the author since his retirement as Director of Legal Research at the Law Library of Congress in 1998. In addition to writing novels, he has started a successful business of selling antique clocks, radios, and musical boxes at antique shows in various parts of the country.

The third novel, Shadow Selves, was published in 2005, and is a thoughtful tale of two idealistic young people who are outsiders from society. Through each other they learn to overcome their own inadequacies, to take on the battle for others, and to learn that love is the most powerful of binding forces.

The second novel, A Door Never Opened, was published in 2003. It is a sequel to the first novel and has some of the same main characters in a present day setting as they face challenging emotional situations without a total escape from their past. Some of the actual love poems that the author's father wrote to his mother are incorporated throughout the story.

His first novel, In a World We Never Made, published in 2001, is a "scholarly novel." set in the early 70s, portions of nonfiction are interjected into a story of professors and students dealing with the age-old problems of identity and desire.


A Storm Within Journey to Tomorrow
Right Sight
Endless Time

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