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Daniel Hill Zafren

The title of this unusual and touching novel comes from an old thought-provoking saying comparing a person’s influence to the shadow of a tree that can extend far longer than the tree or to places that the tree cannot go itself.  Set at a university in 1964, the two main characters are students.  The young man is in the law school and the young woman in liberal arts.  He is socially weak and she is physically handicapped.  Together they write articles for the school newspaper to alert the world to the dangers of the emerging war potential in Vietnam as well as to promote the long overdue civil rights for those who society scorns.  Their shared idealism and principles lead to a romance frowned on by friends and family. The discovery of who they are and what they can do together gives substance to dreams.   Some of the author’s original short stories are woven into the story line, each carrying a message to dwell upon.  This book will bring a tear to your eye and will uplift your spirits.  Long after you put it down you will think about the characters and the depth of its meanings.



Shadow Selves
Daniel Hill Zafren

Copyright 2000 © by Daniel Hill Zafren
Originally published by Beard Books
Republished by Time Treasures Books

ISBN: 0-9778892-0-3-8

132 pages

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