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We’re proud to announce the publication of this new novel:

A Murder Mystery
Daniel Hill Zafren

Retired in a small town, the last thing an elderly homicide detective wants or needs is to find out that he is the only one in a position to solve a murder in the town. With few leads and many suspects the investigation proves difficult, particularly when the people of the town are less than cooperative and truthful. Unanticipated and shocking developments add to the complexity. He is compelled to consider some unusual and daring actions.

Since the author's earlier murder mystery, Network of Death, and its sequel, Network Secret, have become reader favorites, he has undertaken another murder mystery. He is satisfied that this one will also capture a reader's interest and be a satisfying read.



Right Sight
Daniel Hill Zafren

ISBN: 978-1-7345129-0-8

96 pages

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