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We’re proud to announce publication of:

Daniel Hill Zafren

The Sequel to the Scholarly Novel
“In a World We Never Made”

An avowed unusual book, this sequel follows upon the scholarly novel In a World We Never Made.  Some of the main characters involved in the original story which took place in the 1970s are found in a present day setting without a total escape from their past.  New characters accentuate the spinning of the tale.  Constructed around the original love poems that the author’s father wrote to the author’s mother, are four interwoven portrayals of various forms of love.  A young love is found in unusual circumstances and then thrust into an adult world.  A story of mature love is tested by internal and external forces.  The trial of recapturing a lost love is poignantly revealed by a book within a book.  Finally, the meaning of the love involved in the parent-child relationship is explored.  There is spellbinding meaning and interest for every reader in this celebration of loving and living.


A Door Never Opened
Daniel Hill Zafren

Copyright © 2003 by Daniel Hill Zafren
Originally published by Beard Books
Republished in 2006 by Time Treasures Books,
Charlotte, North Carolina

ISBN 13: 978-0-9778892-2—4

140 pages

All rights reserved.
Printed in the United States of America

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