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We’re proud to announce the publication of this new novel:

A Novel
Daniel Hill Zafren

This is a meaningful and memorable love story. An elderly author living a secluded life because of a deteriorating physical condition is asked to teach a course in Creative Writing at the local college. An older troubled student becomes his personal caretaker, and their lives change as they face the last turn in the road.

The Last Turn in the Road is the author’s twenty-second novel since his retirement in 1998 as The Director of Legal Research at the Law Library, Library of Congress. His first three books were published by Beard Books, Washington, D.C. while he was there as the author-in-residence. Thereafter, his works have been published by Time Treasures Books, the publishing company he founded.

The motivation and inspiration for the author’s creations are to set forth in an interesting way the nature and depth of the lessons of life worth reading about and remembering. Each one is a significant story with realistic and endearing characters. Every one is a treasure in its own way.


The Last Turn in the Road
Daniel Hill Zafren

ISBN : 978-1-7345129-4-6

82 pages

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