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We’re proud to announce the publication of this new novel:

A Novel of Remembrance by
Daniel Hill Zafren

At the request of his daughter, a wise, witty, and romantic elderly man is asked to write the story of his life. That life contains some dark secrets, and he is torn between revealing them at the cost of losing the admiration of the people he loves or taking them with him to the grave. During the undertaking, he brings happiness and direction to some young people. Can this overshadow wrongs of the past? Does such deserve a double hug?

This is the ninth work of fiction by the highly respected North Carolina author, Daniel Hill Zafren. Loyal readers thirst for his compelling stories with sage life lessons. This latest novel will not disappoint anyone. It is a riveting tale with interesting characters.


Double Hugs
Daniel Hill Zafren

ISBN 13: 978-0-983042-1-0

124 pages

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