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Journey to Tomorrow



We’re proud to announce the publication of this new novel:

A Novel
Daniel Hill Zafren

This unusual book will give wings to thoughts. An elderly man retires from retirement by opening up a detective agency for seniors. Unforeseen and compelling events impact the content and direction of his life. The lives of others are forever altered by his actions and influence on the journey to tomorrow. The different kinds of love, the power of dreams, contemplation of death, and the keeping of secrets are some aspects of life that emerge as the story unfolds. An absorbing tale and endearing characters usher forth cheers and tears. This is the author's nineteenth novel, and is as distinctive and enjoyable as his earlier works. Ideas are presented and explored as the lessons of life are absorbed.


Journey to Tomorrow
Daniel Hill Zafren

ISBN 13: 978-1-7345129-1-5

172 pages

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