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We’re proud to announce the publication of this new novel:

A Novel
Daniel Hill Zafren

This novel is an unusual and intriguing story with powerful emotional insights and vital lessons pertaining to life and death. Deep dark secrets are a raging storm within the soul of an elderly author living in isolation. He sets forth the shocking truth in a book in an attempt to relieve his torment, only to find he just relives the events. Two strangers arrive suddenly and have dark secrets of their own. They have a major impact on that book and on his life. This is the twentieth work of fiction by this master literary crafter. It is an engrossing tale from cover to cover, and will not disappoint readers who expect each story to be different and thought-provoking.


A Storm Within
Daniel Hill Zafren

ISBN : 978-1-7345129-2-2

128 pages

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