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We’re proud to announce publication of the gripping thriller:

Daniel Hill Zafren

Puzzling ghastly torturing and murdering of high-priced call girls who service the convention trade through a secret network lead homicide detectives to cold trails and dead ends. The story takes place in present day Washington, D.C. The two experienced homicide detectives who are assigned to the case are constantly stymied as to motive and identity of the perpetrators. It appears apparent by the ransacking of the victims' homes that something is being searched for. Interrogations of those network ladies in the city who are still alive are futile and frustrating, and some of them meet the same gruesome demise. Besides the lack of progress on the crime-solving front, these detectives need to wrestle with personal conflicts. Twists and turns will keep a reader keenly engrossed.

Network of Death
Daniel Hill Zafren

ISBN: 0-9778892-0-3

144 pages

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