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We’re proud to announce publication of another in a series of reprints of children’s classics


TIME TREASURES BOOKS has undertaken to selectively reprint some of the major classical works of children’s literature.  This wonderful book, a reprint of a 1921 classic, is comprised of more than 500 pages of the most endearing and lasting of stories for children.  These are the jewels loved by children for generations.  This is the place to find the best that the world has to offer so that youngsters can be introduced to adventure, heroism, achievement and morality.  The contents are geared to awaken the imagination.  Starting with nursery rhymes, the great expanse of this golden collection includes nursery tales, favorite poems, fables, fairy tales and laughter stories, and tales for tiny tots.  Works by the great writers are here for children of all ages to enjoy, exemplified by: Robert Louis Stevenson; Lewis Carroll; Rudyard Kipling; Robert Burns; Hans Christian Anderson; The Grimm Brothers; and Beatrix Potter. This rich and varied collection belongs in every home and schoolroom to enjoy and nourish mental and emotional growth.  

A Treasury of Classic Stories
for Young Folks

ISBN: 0-9778892-5-4

552 pages

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TIME TREASURES BOOKS offers quality works of fiction and nonfiction.  It has also undertaken to reprint a series of substantial children’s books as classics that fulfill the publisher’s guiding principle.



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